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Cursed Swords Logbook: An interactive book designed to make reading more fun.

A full color graphic novel that follows the journal perspective of a pirate in a mythical world.

"We are bound by our choices despite our hindsight..."

Do you believe in destiny, that invincible and irresistible force that always appears to be pushing you towards a certain direction in life?

A predetermined future that you cannot escape, try as you might to head off in the opposite way or around it?

It is as if the gods have conspired against me and my men, my crew, my adopted family!

What did we do to deserve this cursed lot in life?

We were just born in the wrong place at the wrong time…

For his entire life, Rhodes was just a mere commoner on an island that had been forgotten and blocked off by the outside world with no explanation. A place where you're at the whim of the governing powers and no sign of escape. Then one day, he lets Darkness control him, and he turns to the pirate life. Can he reach his world's highest heights, despite his cursed beginnings?

The truth lies within his journal entries.